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A simple question: will enderal be compatible with Grafik mods or enb's (or other mods) of vanilla skyrim? I don't now how much new Grafics you guys designed...
(Edit: I noticed the post with the physic mods, there seems to be the answer of my question)
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Well I really hope, I want the game to be at it's potential maximum graphically and to do so I want to use enb too...
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Sorry for that bit of self-advertising...but I explained the whole ENB issue in my Q&A here under "Graphical changes to Vanilla Skyrim" :wink:
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Will more minor mods work? I personally would like to know if these would work in Enderal :
- Body changers (I use UNP)
- Belt Fastened Quiver
- Those mods that let you have an animated ponytail hairstyle à la Tomb Raider
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