Creating Exterior Worldspaces

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I have completed basic tasks using TES: Construction Set, such as simple quests and voiced dialogue, but I am not very skilled with it. My main issue has been creating brand new worldspaces.

I want to create my own island worldspace mod but I am not sure what settings to configure. I do not know much about worldspaces or heightmaps. I want to quickly create an island land mass, of a decent size, then fine tune it later. I also want a world border for my worldspace as well.

Can someone please guide me and help me configure the settings of the new world space. Perhaps someone may know about tools or features to help.

(One uncomplete worldspace I made the player could see water in the distance and while running the land appeared. It seemed like a bug/issue.)
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the forum unfortunately doesn't have as many visitors anymore that could help you with that :(

you could try the SureAI - Discord server or the "Arcane University" that specialises on modding.
(for the most part it should matter if you're modding Nehrim or Oblivion, as soon as you're set up, so you can look up Oblivion CS tutorials)
hope that helps a bit - good luck!
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