Safe storage, containers will not respawn

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Flying Kites
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I'm lost looking at the construction set. I wanted to make the Emoty House in Gilead owned and have all containers to never respawn. I was disappointed with the Erothin house. :p Is there a simple rule to locate containers and set their "flags" or perhaps a console command to own the whole house in one go?
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Hello Flying Kites

We can't give support for mods that we didn't create ourselves, nor can we offer training in the constuction set.
Support can only give the respective creator.
There are still many help pages on the internet for the ConstuktionSet.

How well do you know the Contruction_Set?
See the Paint, here would be think the most important for NoRespawn container.
But I would always work with a new BaseID to be on the safe side, otherwise there is the risk that something is changed ingame unintentionally.

Alternatively install a ready house mod for Nehrim

I myself have created as a mod, for example,
2 cellars, 1x in the ErothinHousing01, 1x in the AbbeyThirinAbtei,
with a lot of containers and other, in addition in each case a "Neverfull bag.
But this is in german and would have to be translated if necessary (with the ConstuktionSet or e.g. another TES-Editor).
no respawn in the ConstunktionSet.JPG
no respawn in the ConstunktionSet.JPG (86.76 KiB) 737 mal betrachtet
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