Hero Page Displays H/M/S Incorrectly after Update 

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Hello! I'm a newbie to the Enderal universe (absolutely love the game so far!) and encountered a minor bug. It just happened recently after an update for the Special Edition of Enderal: Forgotten Stories in Steam.

The bug is with the Hero page, where it does not display Mana, Health, and Stamina correctly anymore. It used to be fine, but now is displaying the current as the "max" and it turns red when depleted. For instance, when full my mana is 128/128. When I use spells and deplete it - instead of 50/128 it will read 50/50.

I'll attach 2 screenshots to better describe what is happening.

Thanks for your time!
Hero Page with Depleted Vitals.jpg
Hero Page with Depleted Vitals
Hero Page with Depleted Vitals.jpg (622.01 KiB) 125 mal betrachtet
Hero Page Full Vitals.jpg
Hero Page with Full Vitals
Hero Page Full Vitals.jpg (595.85 KiB) 125 mal betrachtet
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hi, welcome to the forum,

thank you for notifying us, the SE dev Eddoursul is working on a fix :thumbsup:
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