Keyboard not responsive (Can't disable Steam Overlay)

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I have previously used Forgotten Stories with my current keyboard (Corsair K70) without any issues. I have not made any changes to my keyboard layout.

I reinstalled Enderal a week ago. My keyboard does not function. My mouse functions perfectly well.

I have switched between Fullscreen and Borderless Windowed, neither works.

I have reinstalled on a separate hard drive, including deleting the Enderal Folder in Documents.

I have disabled the Steam Overlay in Steam, but the Overlay is still present when the game plays

I have restarted both Steam and my computer multiple times after disabling the Overlay.

I do not have a controller connected to my computer and have disabled Controller in the settings.

I noticed that GeForce overlay was present and I disabled that as well.

I am at a loss for anything to do at this point.
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hi, welcome to the forum :)

that sort of sounds like a bug with Steam :/
I suspect the overlay is the actual culprit here, so these are some possible solutions for that:

- there's a general thread about the overlay, listing some tools/programs/apps that might interfere.
do you have something of that running in the background?

- then a pretty old thread on reddit that might be useful anyway:
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam, GameoverlayUI (application, should have steam icon),
right click -> properties -> compatibility -> check Run this Program as Administrator -> Apply -> Ok.

Then go to steam (application, in the same folder),
right click -> properties -> compatibility -> check Run this Program as Administrator -> Apply -> Ok.
- or you could "reinstall" Steam, without redownloading your games.
delete everything in you Steam installation folder exept steam.exe and the /steamapps/ folder (which contains the games).
then double click on the steam.exe and the client will redownload itself. (one source)

good luck, I hope something of that helps :)
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