Wishes: More Holy Order Content *spoilers*

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Before I state my "wish", I just want to say, this game is absolutely amazing and there could be nothing at all added to it and it would still stand alone extremely well. Anyways, my one 'wish' would be for more content for the Holy Order (Keepers, Arcanists and Apothecarii). This could be done in a numbers of ways, but I do have a few suggestions I think you could run with.

First, add a couple short quests with Lijam and Magistra Yaela, as that would do wonders for making them feel less like "red shirts" when the player visits the Starling city. This could be done by having the player sent with Lijam an a couple Arcanists to a Pyrean ruin (Alt Mishkamur or Alt Iniath would work fine) to look for some object, research notes or something like that. Also having the player do a 'quest' early in the game to "find Lijam" for Magistra Yaela with a message for him similar to what Magister Ragon has the player do, except with a far less somber note and more talk about the Pyreans.

Second, after the black stone quest with Ryneus and Silvergrove, there could be a Keeper contingent sent there to try to resettle the town. The reason this would work well is because according to "current" lore, no one lives in Silvergrove. The Order could funnel a few of Ark's less important citizens there to reduce the burden of taking care of everyone during wartime conditions. Also, after Ryneus dies, the water could stop running and the trees could begin dying (all it would take would be a yellow color for the flora around Silvergrove), thus prompting the mission to Alt Yogosh to restore the water, which would make sense as there's already a bunch of dead keepers and their team there. The Mercenaries could be Nehrimese scouts trying to waylay the mission and after that the Nehrimese could "invade" (again easily achievable with a couple boats on the shore near Alt Darkesh and about thirty troops scattered over the beach).

Finally, a quest or two dealing with the interplay between the Apothecarii and the Keepers/Arcanists would be great. A couple Keepers could be pestering an Apothecarii for potions to increase their combat prowess, while the Apothecarii himself seems to be interested in something bigger. The player could help the Keepers by gathering a set number of ingredients for fortify heavy armor potions, then pressuring the Apothecarii. Alternately, the player could listen to the Apothecarii and gather a set number of ingredients for invisibility potions to be distributed among people in the small towns that don't have Ark's protecting walls when the Nehrimese invade. Also there could be a quest to find a team of Apothecarii that went missing while searching for an ingredient that might "end the war", dragon bones. The bones, when powdered, could be used as a potent poison, elixir or whatever. The team would be discovered dead at the Dragon Aerie, forcing the player to either sneak to retrieve their amulets, research notes, and the bones of the dead dragon or alternatively kill the live dragon and take it's bones, scales and such.

Just some suggestions, but I know you guys are already working on stuff to add even more depth to the game so I'm not tripping over it.
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