Devour Soul / Dark Keeper blinding effect

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Hey guys,
I am loving the game so far. Haven't played it to the end, but it still keeps getting better. Now, a good bit into the game, I got myself a question, that you guys might be able to answer.

So, I recently unlocked the affinity Dark Keeper. My Devour Soul ability now gives me a nice damage boost for a short time. The only annoying thing is, that I am getting blinded in first person mode, while this new effect is active. My vision blured before as well, when using this skill. This wasn't nice, but handable. But now this new added red and black effect makes it really hard to see in a fight.

I like the idea and the sounds of the affinity. But is the visual effect supposed to be this aggrassive? You can look through the red part, but the black part completely blocks your vision.
May I request a change for this effect to be less intrusive? Or is there a mod for this?
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