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Just finished the game. Absolutely love the story and quests, and i wan more, more!
But, there is some room for improvement here (not talking about story part, tho)
1) Sound. There is some sound glitches, most noticeable around Fogville. The sound just pop-s in. And lack of sound assets. Vatyrs, and bone-whatever use the same werewolf sounds. Would love to see some other sounds for both of the species. Same goes for trolls and mud golems.
2) Visual noise. Actually, most end-game areas are near perfect. But more early one (and some other) sets me off abit. Like, why sooo many clutter? There is a pieces of hay like 10 cm away from a fireplace inside a house. That not safe, men ! Near-end areas far better in that regard. Absolutely loved the crystal forest. Actually i noticed most snowy/foggy/desert type areas look way-way better then forest kind. Too many bushes :C
3) Character looks. Im not trying to say they are bad, in no way. But maybe add alittle bit more uniqueness to the table? My bet is on a custom face textures. Like, red noses for drunkards, some birth marks, etc.
But that is like just my opinion, m8, the game is really good, miles ahead of skyrim or whatever bethesda creates this day of age

Oh, allmost forgot. Landmarks. Thats important. So, standing atop of highest cliff, looking down. Itll be good if youd be able to actually orientate only using visual clues, landmarks, not map on "m" key.
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