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Enderal Team
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Walk blessed,

the new patch is now available! Steam will automatically download and install this patch for the English and German version. This patch needs to be translated for other localizations of the game (currently Simplified Chinese, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish and Japanese) and it will be available as soon as the responsible translation teams finished their work.

Be careful, the patch notes contain spoilers to some extent.

Huge thanks to community member gavrant who provided most fixes to this patch.

Stay safe and have fun playing!

Main Quests
  • "The Void":
    • Fixed various minor issues.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part III":
    • Fixed an issue that the Ceremony scene did not play properly if the player was involved in certain other scenes from other quests.
    • Fixed Jespar reappearing in Ark between "Every Day Like the Last, Part I" and "Part of Something Momentous, Part III" if the player visits Riverville during that time.
  • "All the Dead Souls":
    • Fixed an issue that the exit door of Adila’s Cave was blocked after the quest was finished.

Side Quests
  • "Wanted in Riverville" / "Wanted in Ark" / "Wanted in Duneville"
    • All bounty targets will now lose their essential status on entering combat not only with the player, but also with a summon or ally of the player. Also, they won't gain the essential status back on leaving combat with the player.
  • "Elfriede":
    • Many minor fixes and improvements.

Faction Quests
  • "The Last Stone":
    • Fixed that the messenger might have not engaged in dialogue with the player. Also fixed that the messenger might have spawned dead.

  • Fixed Crash when entering the Tarpit in the Undercity.
  • It's now possible to quit smoking when using a controller.
Perks, Talents, Spells and Classes
  • (Re)added "Detect Dead" spell. It makes undead and corpses more visible. The spell book could be bought from many spell merchants or found in one location.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the re-transform from a werewolf into a human to not work properly when being a Half Qyranian.
  • The Enchantment of Family Hoofbeat’s Amulet grants the player now the proper smithing enchantment instead of the light magic enchantment when disenchanting the item.
  • Fixed "Accelerate" Spell so that its effect doesn’t stack when cast multiple times. Also fixed that the spell now properly adds the percentage as bonus instead of the amount of the spell magnitude.
  • Mythical spell books no longer get “used” when the player already knows the spell.
  • Fixed Jespar, while idling in Ark, going to Riverville every night and then back to Ark in the morning.
  • Several "ghostly" NPCs got properly flagged as undead. This fixes undead-specific stuff, such as silver weapons or the new "Detect Dead" spell, not working on them.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Apparitions to bleed.
  • Health/mana/stamina bars in the top left corner of the screen won't apear anymore for creatures summoned by NPCs.
  • Summonable soil elementals now will be easier to summon in cramped locations.
  • Summonable Cuthbert won't leave a pile of goo after his despawn anymore.
  • Fixed the knockback power attack of NPC Vatyrs not being applied to their enemies if the player has one certain lycanthropy perk. Note that the knockback attack is not applied to the player, but player's summons and allies will now suffer from it.
  • Various fixes and improvements for enemies and "random encounters", primarily in the wilderness area of the Sun Coast and the Heartlands.
  • Many fixes and improvements for the daily routine of the people in Riverville: who goes where and when, who owns what, which areas are private or public, etc.
  • Increased the time to pass before NPCs repeat random conversations from 4 to 7 days. A few "too easy to trigger" conversations got a cooldown time of 15 days.
  • Fixed NPC peaceweed smokers tending to slide away from their spot if you happen to sleep in the same location (for example, in taverns).
  • Optimized some meshes.
  • Improved performance in various areas of the Sun Coast and the Heartlands, in the Suntemple, Nobles Quarter, Marketplace, South Quarter, and near the Frost Cliff Tavern.
  • Fixed various typos.
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