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Enderal Team
Enderal Team
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Hey Endraleans,

as you guys probably know, we are still busy working on Forgotten Stories. We need your help and feedback to sort out bugs in the DLC. However, the current testing phase only includes the german version. No worries, there will be a testing phase for the english version too, but it is not ready for testing yet. We are also planning on releasing both versions at the same time!
If you are interested and fluent in german, you can check out the german announcement for further information!

Our Update Server as well as our Website Server will be down for maintenance this wednesday night. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Unfortunately, I am just an expert programmer, not an expert German speaker.
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I'm neither an Expert at programming or German, I'm only a 'Master' at busting things... I could send the crash report every time... but you'd get a shed full daily.

I am however looking forward to the English language release... no rush, I don't min'd waiting
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I don't know german, anyway I remember playing this when it was released, and I still remember how amazing it was. Looking forward to the DLC, but remember to follow CD project RED's standard on releasing stuff; release it when its ready. Don't rush it :)
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Unfortunately my German Skills are more than terrible, but just a wort to salute the Amazing work you guys are still doing, Enderal is one of my greatest gaming experience and i can't wait to experiment the DLC !
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