No English Voice Acting Please

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What do you think about this? ... 2015-09-10

It's a voice demo for The Witcher 3. It's nice acting, but author claims he can do it even better.
Question is do you need people like him?
The english voice acting is already over, they only need to cut and put it in game. :)

Hmm, didn't know this?
Now you do! Hope you enjoy everyone and their performances! Working on non-commercial projects like this was a pleasure... SureAI delivered great characters and scripts, brilliant detail on scene and pronunciation guides! I can safely say that I rarely get so much ammunition to load into my creative chambers to provide quality and believable work to a very devoted, talented team.

Had to be written; and so it has.

Was also a pleasure to help, but I really should have turned the "Gabe, one last script... promise!" into a drinking game. Or maybe not, I enjoy the wellness of my liver. :wink:
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