Gajus in the Manor - Eye of the Black Guardian?

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Warning, there are spoilers in the text. If you have not completed the game, then please do not read this post.

Hello everyone! I go through the game a second time and came across an interesting coincidence. The old man from the mansion is a very strange and poorly revealed character. It exists only within one quest, after which it disappears. Within the rest of the game, this old man, like his mansion, does not exist. However, first I would like to talk about the Black Keeper.

If I understand correctly, then the Black Guardian is locked in his body. However, based on his words, he has a kind of "eye" with which he watches what is happening in the world.

Now, if you go through the quest with the mansion again, the characters repeatedly mention that the age of the owner of the mansion is comparable to the Black Guardian. Moreover, at the end of the quest, the old man himself says that he is nothing more than just an "observer".
If we assume that this old man is an "eye" or his body is subject to this "eye", then it becomes clear why he left the artifact to the player.

Perhaps I missed something in the game and am mistaken. I ask those who know something to explain to me the role of the old man in this story.
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Yes The role of the old man is a big mystery in the game, my favour therorie is that the old men is a prophet from a cyclus of the past who survived like us in the ending :)
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