What's next for enderal?

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First of all, I wanna congratulate the folks at SureAI on creating a fantastic story. I finished the game the day before yesterday and it still has me reeling a little bit. I'm a sucker for bittersweet endings and I feel like the
fleeing to starling city
ending perfectly wrapped up the character arc that I had established in my headcanon for my PC, but I'm still trying to figure out if I made the right choice when it comes to the big picture, realizing some interesting details about the intricacies of the plot in the progress. The fact that you've created such an impactful and professionally made game as a hobby and with a small team is amazing. I also found playing this game to be an interesting way of studying German.

So anyway, I've heard some talk about an upcoming "DLC" that you guys are working on, so is that something you've announced as a thing that you're definitely committed on releasing in the near future, or is it still just an idea at this point? I'd also like to hear more about the specifics of it, especially about the additional "hidden ending," like how hidden is it exactly and a vague description of what kind of ending would it be. I was going to do another playthrough, but if there's additional content coming I'd rather delay that so as not to make the playthrough with the additional content feel repetitive. However, before committing to wait for the additional content to do a playthrough to reach the hidden ending, I'd want know how not to miss it and have some idea about whether it's an ending I'd rather have.
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