Knowledge Books Criticism

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I'm a new user, so hi. First post. Yay. Now, serious business.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have Knowledge books be unified into ONE book for each path? And When used, create a prompt for what you want to level up? Novice Knowledge, Expert Knowledge, Master Knowledge and so forth? Having all those books cluttering up vendor and player inventory is... well. Messy.

For example. I use an Apprentice Combat Knowledge Book, a prompt appears asking me if I want to put a point in Two handed, One Handed, Block, Archery, Light Armor, etcetera.

That way, you could reduce the total number of books from 72 (Yes, 72 different skill books.) down to 8 total.

Further explaining my thought process - Apprentice, Adept, Expert and Master Combat Knowledge Books each with their own prompt and all respective skill options within. I notice you guys have a prompt in place if attempting to use a book that is higher than your current skill level, So I'm very confused as to the current choice in place for the knowledge point system as it creates massive amounts of inventory clutter.

Hope I didn't offend anyone, and thank you for Enderal!
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