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After more than one hundred patches, several thousands of bug fixes, tweaks and adjustments it is time to conclude Dreadful Rivers first year of being in Early Access.

Since the first release in February 28, 2023 a bunch of new content has found its way into the game:

  • way, WAY better performance
  • and still better graphics
  • the SEARCH FOR THE CROWNSTONES mainquest branch is fully implemented
  • a gateway town where the river branches into the three biomes was introduced
  • there are now forts to conquer
  • and more factions
  • there’s wildlife, hunting and fishing
  • on land ruins, mines, caves, and ancient starling halls are waiting to be explored
  • skill trees, including special crown skills
  • more character classes for hire
  • siege engines
  • crew members can be positioned on the raft
  • nicer to use inventory system
  • more stuff to collect, use, craft and cook
  • loads of general QoL and bugfixes
  • Achievements
Now what’s next?
  • the underworld biome
  • more gear, spells, weapons
  • additional crafting plans and cooking recipes
  • new skilltrees
  • various new enemy types
  • new siege engine types
  • new factions
  • more dungeons
  • overall more river

Also you can now get Dreadful River not just on Steam and GOG, but also on the Epic Games Store.

For the future we are also experimenting with different game ideas in the background to follow up the development of Dreadful River. One of them is THEY CAME FROM VENUS, another one was in cryostasis for some years now and will be revealed in some weeks time.

Ending our update post with an obligatory busy-working-on-stuff picture.

See you next time :)
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