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Re: Character Progression Problem (Console Command Help Need

Verfasst: 17.12.2015 20:00
I typed out a full reply to your post but I realized we're drifting off topic (you can still read it below in the spoiler).
Off Topic:
I never played any TES game using Marksmanship only. I've always wanted to give it a go, but RPG games are simply games I prefer to play with my Xbox 360 controller so I can better relax while playing. I'm really bad at aiming with a controller so I know a Bow & Arrow will probably be too difficult and in life-threatening situations I'd always resort to something else to save my hide. Same with my destruction magic. Whenever I use it it's usually a shock spell on target, but whenever I'm in a bind I quickly select a large fire ball or ice storm having no time to properly aim.

I'm sure it's a pretty awesome experience nonetheless. You can customize both your bow and arrows which gives you many more options. Me on the other hand... well I have a staff and that's it (Magic Winds one which I've been using for a long time). Haven't found any other staffs that are worth the effort aside from the extremely expensive one which I'll never actually use because I never want to make things too easy.

I'm a master alchemist and have all the "Perfect" brewing equipment but I never use any of those potions because they're way too powerful for my taste. Always sell them immediately with the exception of the Light on Self ones which I keep for when things get really hard to see even with my best light illusion spell. Drinking one of those practically turns night into day which is pretty awesome.