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Can not travel - taking health damage

Verfasst: 04.11.2014 18:27
von Jason
I have been enjoying this game very much - thanks to all the folks who helped make it for free.

I am pretty far into the game at Journey into Madness act IV.

I seem to have encountered what may be a bug. I can't use teleport stones due to taking health damage, even though I do not appear to be taking any health damage. It does show a -6 in red to my Wisdom stat..even when I strip all items off my character. I have made cure disease potions from Mandrake and Rootpulp and have taken them but the effect remains. I have also touched shrines.

Any help much appreciated


Re: Can not travel - taking health damage

Verfasst: 05.11.2014 05:18
von badgesareus
That sounds strange. Occasionally odd bugs happen in Nehrim, which might require you to reload an earlier save and see if that eliminates the problem.

Re: Can not travel - taking health damage

Verfasst: 05.11.2014 21:17
von Jason
Thanks for the reply.
Well I got rid of the -6 on wisdom by using Antidotum (special spell)
Why a cure disease potion did not work I have no idea.
As for reloading I put a lot of work into travelling by foot around the NE area before last save as I was just curious to see what was there so I really don't want to reload, I was hoping for a bit of code from somebody to fix this health issue. Health is full and not reducing over time even though game seems to think it is.

Re: Can not travel - taking health damage

Verfasst: 06.11.2014 05:13
von badgesareus
If you need a console command to go to a particular stage, you should be able find it in the Nehrim Wiki If you are losing health as you travel, do you lose it in the daylight and dark? I'm just speculating you might have become a vampire, or you might have some ring or shield for night vision that causes damage in the daylight. But you said you took off everything and still had the problem, right? You might try a previous save just to see if that would eliminate the problem, then you would at least know it was something that you did after the last save, and not some freakish code damage. Maybe I don't understand your problem correctly.

Just had one more thought, have you tried Dispel (potion or spell)?