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Map of areas by level?

Verfasst: 22.07.2011 04:15
von Arguss
I have done some searching but have not found this: a map, or description of some kind, giving a full layout of Nehrim according to areas by level. For instance, the starter area is level 1-7, others are 7-14, and so on. What I'm thinking of is either a written description, or something like this (for those of you familiar with LOTRO, this is a level map of its regions): ... idemap.jpg

Just finding the divisions between regions in the overworld and reading what the suggested level is from the text would seem to make it easy enough to create such a map; however, I have neither the skills nor time to do such a thing. Has anyone else done something like this? On the German board, perhaps?

Re: Map of areas by level?

Verfasst: 22.07.2011 10:19
von Mitro
As far as I know, there is no map like the one you are looking for whether on the German nor on the English board.
The idea itself is great but I think it's hard to do and the areas are mostly more cluster like i think, so it wouldn't look so great.

Re: Map of areas by level?

Verfasst: 22.07.2011 11:06
von kassandra
Would be great if there was such a map.
We would gladly put a link or upload some photos on Nehrim wiki : in Maps section.

Someone could prepare such a map (similar to LOTRO) and prepare a description of each region underneath the map (can be on Wiki , it's really easy to edit it and write descriptions). I'm sure it would help a lot of people who do not know where to explore :)

Re: Map of areas by level?

Verfasst: 29.01.2017 04:29
von daria
Hi, i Can give you some areas with their respective level ( warning little spoiler):
- Western Fold Valley : lvl 1 -7
- Eastern Fold Valley : 7 - 14
- Forest of Salathin : 14 - 24
- Salathin Coast : 14 - 24
- Salathin Coast : 20- 25
- Cape Aman : 25 - 28

These are all i wrote for now, but i'm still playing, enjoy :-)