trainer doesn't show option for Craftsmanship

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Dark Phoenix
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I'm trying to get my Craftmanship up so I can forge my own weapons. I understand that Golag, the smith of Giliad, teaches craftmanship and heavy armor, but he doesn't give me a craftsmanship training option.

Baring this is there a cheat code I can use to just get up my craftmanship? (forging really) I'm at 44 now, no learning points left save 1 and I need to get to 50.

After I get to 50 will I be able to make a longsword that will match or best the best in the game?
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From what I know, crafting is incomplete in Nehrim. As in don't bother - there's nothing high end to forge. I think vanilla Oblivion console cheats can boost your skills if you want - probably armorer in this case.
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There is no crafting skill in Nehrim. I guess it's a small mistake in translation. Craftsmanship = Armorer. The trainer you mentioned most probably can teach you Armorer. And you need a certain Armorer level to be able to craft anything.
You can check the level needed here:
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The only real value to the armorer/crafting skill is as in Oblivion: as I recall, at level 50 you can repair magic items, at level 75 you can repair them to 125%, and at level 100 your hammer never breaks, so 1 will last forever. You can find silver, gold, & thorium ore and ingots but you can't make anything with them, nor can you make much except basic swords. Apparently they had plans for much more crafting, but it never got completed. Somewhere else in this forum that is addressed, as I recall.
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