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First let me say how much I love this game, as many I was very dissapointed in Oblivion, and Nehrim is the game I always hoped Oblivion could be.

Anyway to my question:

I'm at level 8 but progression is very, very slow. I've already done a few quests for the Sanctum (ready to go with Kim now) but just wondering around the land trying to level, but I find myself constantly in areas saying Level 14-.. or higher. In the lower level areas such as the starting area there doesn't seem to be a whole lot to do in terms of quests..or am I missing something?
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There are many caves, forts, mines, etc. in the lower levels area. If you explore quite a bit, you will be surprised how many there are. However, you get more experience for completing quests, so seek those out. Have you done any of the "wanted" quests from the various bulletin boards? Also, (SPOILER) whenever you kill a spider that drops "fine silk" save it. The first 5 are for a quest, but after that, the same quest giver will buy them in groups of 5, and you get 1800 EXP for each group of 5 you sell her. You also get EXP for finding those "magic symbols" and the more you find, the more EXP you get for each one.
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