Message for SureAi: Wish for English Dubbing

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Dear SureAi,

A colleague of mine recommended Nehrim after I told him Oblivion was my second favourite game ever. He said Nehrim might be better than Oblivion so I downloaded it. He told me it was in German and I thought that would be cool, you know, foreign lands = foreign languages and all that jazz. But I can't hack it :( I got out of the mines (finally) and was impressed with the view I was greeted with. This game has potential, but I wandered down the hill and was met by some guy speaking German. I don't like reading the subtitles as I don't feel immersed in the world. As a result of not feeling immersed I have little to no drive and motivation to play the game, which is a shame as I feel it could be awesome, I just can't be doing with the German voice acting. Can you tell me if there will ever be an English dubbed version or do I have to uninstall this mod?

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I doubt it will be the SureAI team who prepare English dubbing. They already did an awesome job with professional German voice actors in a studio. It would be hardly possible for them to invite professional English voice actors to Germany (of course volunteers, for free).

If you are not interested in a really good quality English voice acting, I suggesting helping this fan-initiated project:
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Seriously? Not gonna play it because of the German dialogue?

Just turn off the voices and read it lol, it's an awesome game, you'd really be missing out not playing it.

Dubbing in English would be nice, but it's really pretty much out of the question to expect that to come from the developers, they've already put out a huge, professional grade game for free.
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Go for it. You'll find that the written dialog is fine, the reading becomes second nature.

And ... I am beginning to understand the German. :lol:
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