All Armor with Female Versions

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Many armor (mainly heavy) do not have female versions.

What I think ultimately ruin the look for who plays a female character.

I tried to change to add some female versions of myself, but in doing so the game goes to German ai conssigo not continue (I'm not even remotely a good modder).

It would be great if in a future patch releases female was added to all armor.

Because of the visual I leave to use the armor on my character by getting HORRIBLE!

Sorry for my horrible English
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here here, I would also like to include this as a request. Also, I know not everyone uses it, but since mods like roberts male/female/UFF/HGEC are pretty much standard installs for someone willing to mod the game, could we hope to see a mod/update that includes textures for the clothes? Unique items do not look good if you run the game with the aforementioned mods installed.

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