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Reporting bugs and problems with Nehrim

Verfasst: 22.10.2010 22:10
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The best way to report bugs and other troubles (insufficient balancing, user-friendliness) with Nehrim is to use the bug tracker. Here is a short guide how to use it:

1) Cookies must be allowed and you must be logged on in the forum in order for the bug tracker to work.
2) Go to and click on "Neues Ticket einreichen". (Alternatively, go to directly.)
3) Write a title for your bug in the small input field. (The title must be informative. For example, a good title is "Graphical spell effects lead to massive lag in Dark Forest". A bad title would be "Serious bug found!!!!!")
4) Put the bug description in the large input field.
5) If it is a quest bug (some quest is stuck), then it is very likely that we need your savegame in order to understand the bug. You can upload your savegame by clicking on the "Durchsuchen" button (under the input field for your bug) and then clicking on the "Anhang hinzuf├╝gen" (= add attachment) button below.
6) Submit your bug report by clicking on the "Ticket eintragen" button at the end of the page.

Your bug report is now a ticket in the bug tracker. Don't forget to note down the URL of this ticket and/or bookmark it in your browser! You may want to check once again whether somebody has replied to your ticket.
Note that once your bug is fixed, the ticket disappears from the page. So in order to find it then, you need either to have the URL noted down (or bookmarked), or you need to search for it in the list of all closed tickets.

Thanks a lot for using the bug tracker. It saves us a lot of work and is much easier to work with than the forum! The forum is best used for general discussion.