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Nehrim on Steam in 2020

Verfasst: 25.08.2019 19:56
von badgesareus
I was wondering will there be some major changes in Nehrim when it comes out on Steam, so that old Nehrim saves will not work (as was the case when Enderal was released on Steam)? I'm hoping there will be a solution to the FPS drops. Will there be any new quests added?
I hope the magic symbol that disappeared from the Iron Fire Halls will be replaced.

Re: Nehrim on Steam in 2020

Verfasst: 25.08.2019 20:54
von urst
hi :)

existing saves will most likely be compatible.

this here is the current feature list
- New additional music tracks
- Improved performance, lighting, sound, game scripts and environments
so yes, the "seconds per frame" regions will be optimized
dev Hoxyd mentioned fixing of bigger bugs elsewhere, can't find the quote right now.
but I'd imagine that this includes the missing symbol.