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Conjuration is... underwhelming

Verfasst: 05.01.2019 22:57
von sharrax
After playing around with conjuration I have figured out that damage dealt by summoned creatures decreases EP gained. Moreover, if summoned creature fights an enemy and kills it without my help, I get absolutely no experience! It means that this interesting magic school is an option only if you want to sacrifice your experience (and I guess not a lot of players want this), whereas summoning stronger creatures which deal more damage will decrease experience gain even more. :( Is there some way to fix it? If you could create a quick fix to make damage dealt by summoned creatures count for EP calculation, it would be amazing! 8)

Re: Conjuration is... underwhelming

Verfasst: 06.01.2019 02:04
von Stefanie
Helping opponents is also a reward, so you have less work. I think doing it differently in Nehrim's current configuration could be difficult.
PS: For example, conventional traps help you without getting EP for your opponents.

It's a little different in Enderal :wink: