Mages and Spell casting in Erothin?

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I am a little confused about the presence of Mages and permitted spells inside Erothin and wondered if I have missed a book or something?

I was under the impression that Mages were illegal in the towns under Barateon's control and that the Witch Bells alerted the Guards to any spells cast inside city walls. When I arrived at Erothin for "The Candidate of the City Guard", I was expecting to have to be very careful indeed to not draw attention to the fact that I was Gifted. The very first thing the quest has you do is cast a spell on the specific person in the quest yet there was no reaction from the Guards or Bells.

I saw the posters warning that Teleport was the only permitted spell inside the city (although I could not read the poster since it was in German). I saw at least one Witch Bell in one of the city districts yet there is also a location called the Mage's Cave which, according to the wiki, is a place for Mages to go and buy spells and train.

I have not been inside yet, for fear of blowing my cover but I wondered why it was permitted in the city? Have I missed a book explaining why some Mages are permitted in Erothin but spell casting is not? Why would I be allowed to go and train and buy deadly spells if I was supposed to be an unknown member of a prohibited Society?

I am confused and would appreciate an explanation. As far as spoilers are concerned, I have finished "The Candidate of the City Guard" and am back at the Sanctum for the next MQ.
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if I'm not mistaken that's just some regular old plothole :)
(Nehrim does have one or two)

at least I don't remember there being any explanation.
could be wrong about that though :dumb:
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