Bought Oblivion on Steam, Nehrim wants CD 

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I had installed Oblivion many years ago using the CDs. I installed Nehrim (+English) many years ago also, installed in Windows\games\nehrim. I have been having problems with my CD player, so I bought Oblivion on Steam and installed it. However, when I click on the Nehrim launcher "start Nehrim", it asks me for the CD. Is there some simple fix?

edit: Nevermind. I figured out the "readme" instructions about Nehrim & Steam and got it working!
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there's a seperate instruction on how to use Nehrim with Steam-Oblivion.
(hopefully in the english readme too)

if I understand that and your situation correctly it should be enough to disable* Steam's automatic updates
and copy the Nehrim files into the Oblivion folder (overwriting everything).

*as much as you can disable them anyway.
otherwise Steam will try to "repair" the installation.

hope that helps :)

to late. i'll leave it for other users :dumb:
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