Game crashes immediately after opening.

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I’m playing the game on Steam Oblivion, fresh instal, no mods. Every time I open Nehrim I see the ‘N’ logo and the loading bar at 0%, then the game immediately crashes. No errors or anything.

I installed the game by the guide, made sure everything is checked off as it’s supposed to be, and otherwise Oblivion is loading fine.

Any ideas?
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hi, welcome to the forum :)

here's a link to your reddit post, just so you don't get asked the same stuff three times :)

what I forgot to mention over there is that Nehrim will come to Steam next year -
mostly for better compatibility (because Steam doesn't really like it).
it will also include a new patch, mostly performance related stuff (current feature list).

- you're using the Steam launcher to start "Oblivion", yes?
- where do you have Steam installed? the "C:\Program Files" and similar tend to have some issues with rights
- you could try to let the Oblivion.exe (and maybe the Nehrim Launcher) use administrator rights
- you maybe even could look into installing obse (similar tool to skse for Skyrim) and starting with that
(I don't know why that would work but stranger things happened)

if all fails you may have to reinstall (yes, following the same steps you probably already did),
because as said, Steam is a bit odd with Nehrim :|

hope something of that works :)
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