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Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 06.02.2011 17:59
von TheHawk
Still here, just been having problem with internet connection. Each time tried to edit was being crashed out.
Changed/ renamed crettemp to CreatureA, although does not show in search, if want to look might have to click where I did last edit.

@Kassandra - somewhere in thread saw you say something about page being too long. I try to work on what was taught about "3 click", meaning should be able to get anywhere on a site in 3 clicks or less (breadcrumb links best for that). Page is only too long if need to scroll, which is why added a "Back to top" link. Idea is click on creature want to look at, in description or notes have link to similar creatures i.e Ancient canal goblins (something like that) links to other goblins. Link to top, link to main page (whatever it might be). Get anywhere in 3 clicks. :mrgreen:

Page still needs tables tidied, choose colour/type. Link "~toc" renamed (must check html coding).
Letter A page almost finished (once done and happy all other pages a lot quicker), but have query - not only over should I carry on this way? but also about creatures which are unique (not bosses in reality or quest related, such as Amanta, Amora, Krabby Krab), should we have a unique section?
Found in cs "aalundead", which must be some kind of slaughterfish, have never seen them. Also almost forgot, Arcane Golem and Arcane Guard - which is which?
Also - Asmodeus - is that a boss? :?:

Started playing again, but only got as far as Sanktum. Have only seen a few minor changes.
Going to start checking spelling again etc from where I left off.
Hope your all having a wonderful weekend - just trying to download Shrek 3 to cheer myself up. :P

Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 06.02.2011 19:35
von kassandra
Hawk, I'm afraid I can't answer any of your questions. I don't know much about creatures myself and don't remember the ones you mentioned.I guess Arcane Golems are these from the quest where you had to visit another Sanctum (Critical Discharge).

Maybe you're right, putting everything in alphabetical order will facilitate navigation. I sometimes remember the name of the creature but I don't know if it's monster or magical, so it takes some while to find it. In description (inside the table) we can still put : Type: Monster.
Finding everything by name will be faster and easier.

And yes, the changes are few, I already finished one Bounty and described it. I'm afraid it's not the addon you were waiting for, only a patch ;p

Oh, and the weekend. As usual, always too short:P And I'm a bit annoyed, forced to go on one-day vocational training to another city for one whole day. On VALENTINE'S DAY!;]

Wow, what you're doing with the swords is one jaw-dropping WOW

Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 06.02.2011 20:08
von TheHawk

@kassandra -
I'm sure your loved one will do something special for you. :wink:
we can still put : Type: Monster.
Type is already a part of table (cs editor type), but might have too add another or explain differences i.e no daedra etc

p.s Like what you've done with MQ at the start.

also @Garnet - don't think i've said, but like the male/female armour pics - really good. Are you using a pose mod anytime, if so, which one?

Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 06.02.2011 21:50
von Garnet
Thanks, i hope to do the same with all armor/weapon (Unique).
Don't know for Master Craftsman and for the weapons Sword of Purification and Great Sword of the Arcane Warrior ,
they are not in CS, with which Patch you play?
I do my private mod for this purpose, simply put few Npc and add them Ai Package Stay on your place forever, and after you play "What I'm going to wear today" :D
Anybody knows about this two handed swords:
Tyr´s Soul Cleaver
Grave Touch, Sarantha has it.
Can you get this swords?

And again about armor/weapon: what with vanilla Oblivion armor/weapon. They don't use the original weapons , just changed some stats, but the models are the same. Maybe add the information in Oblivion and Nehrim Main Differences, also for clothing and dishes (they added value to clutter).

Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 06.02.2011 22:01
von TheHawk
weapons Sword of Purification and Great Sword of the Arcane Warrior
Found them in the cs, I always select all Nehrim files but set NehrimEnglish.esp as active. Tyrs Soul Cleaver there as well.

Saranthas sword, saw on forum somewhere, someone had picked up Saranthas sword (and arkts) by accident having had the drop it. Do not think Saranthas sword is supposed to be collectable.

Edit: found these threads on forum. ... uch#p36831 ... ord#p39848

Hope it helps.

Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 07.02.2011 00:14
von TheHawk

Just answering some of my own questions.
aalundead = dead slaughterfish
Arcane Guards = Golems you defeat on way to Arantheals prison

Found "Awakened Priest" under "A" in cs, leaving alone because looks to be quest related/boss. Do not think ever met him!!!
Amanta and Amora leave as bosses.

Took me ages to find that stuff - Must become dumb on a Sunday :mrgreen:

Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 07.02.2011 08:09
von kassandra
I play with the newest patch ;p
But I guess the Craftsman was added in the previous patch, it mentioned about a new merchant who opened something in Erothin. I recall some barred doors in Erothin , but it was yesterday that I decided to go back to Erothin having finished the MQ. So my guess it he is available after you finish the MQ.

You can add quest-related as well ;p In notes we will put he is a quest creature.

Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 07.02.2011 13:12
von Shatar
Hey all,

I just started playing Nehrim again and DL'ed the latest patch.

If you don't mind, I'll handle the new zerobilon part for the Wiki.

Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 07.02.2011 20:41
von TheHawk
@Shatar - welcome back - hope all your exams went well - wish you well on the results. As far as I go, get stuck in anywhere. :D

I found the reason cannot search find the creaturea page started, well, first I renamed crettemp (why?) :oops: then deleted it and must have suppressed the redirect. Oh well just one more thing to sort.
Anyway the page as it stands at moment is how I envisgae it (just missing 3 screenshots), notes etc expect others to fill in and replace my warblings. Maybe a couple of tweaks to do.

Someone mentioned hating tables, yep, do not mind them really, just editing on wiki is like having a bad hair day, no matter what you do nothing works.
Going to go back to creating spreadsheet on own pc, then be able to hrow other pages together quickly. (hope!!!!!!) :mrgreen:

Re: Nehrim Wiki project- join us please!

Verfasst: 08.02.2011 19:48
von TheHawk

Responding to my own post above in a way.
Really dislike harping on about creature tables, but........ Started putting spreadsheet together correctly, got to the C's - My head is going to explode :shock:

This is so much more than Oblivion. If including ref i.d its a monster (no pun intended), i.e. Canal Goblin 7 x ref id, some because use different modellist. worse still Cave Troll 18 x ref id - 10 different scripts, 5 different levls, 4 actually down as humanoid!!!!! Silly one 2 x calf ref id, because use 2 different nifs. :roll:

I'm going for a few cans of cider................. smoke myself to death :?

Anyway, just want to say the work the rest of you guy's/ gals are doing looks terrific. :D