Look mom, I'm Arkt! [ENDGAME SPOILERS]

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So during the first phase of the final boss, I attacked accidentally hit Arkt with a side attack. He was disarmed. I took his sword.


It's pretty nice, only slightly weaker than Goddawn Claymore, and with slightly more range. Looks cooler, too. The enchantment doesn't actually do anything.

Comes with an item description on loot (taken directly from TES lore) and a very nice Power. Isn't Fire Resist kind of useless when it also gives 100% Spell Reflect, though?

All in all, one of the best three swords in the game, barring the moneysink items.

Of course, I also disarmed it from myself in the second phase of the fight. If destroying fate doesn't destroy the world, the paradox of having two copies of a unique weapon sure will.

At any rate, I don't think the player is actually supposed to get it at all. But it doesn't have a script preventing it from being picked up by the player like the Eliath, so what the hey. Speaking of which, if you disarm the Eliath, her warglaives are named "Star Shortsword." And statistically identical, of course.

As an aside, you can obtain Sarantha's sword Grave Touch by the same means during the third phase, but it kind of sucks and isn't worth it except as vanity gear. Maybe during my next playthrough I'll make a mod that increases the strength of boss weapons.

Anyway, it's time to kill some enemies with a Rusty Iron War Axe to level my Strength while I plan another character. Next time, I'll disregard item progression and get Apocalypse at Level 1. Tune in then!
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If there is no way to get this blade in the game i would like to have it after the main quest so i can't F!@#$ up the main quest.
so.... is there maybe a way to spawn it in my inventory? i really like the blade for a single reason i really matches the Shadow god

If someone can help me with this I would appreciate it.

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There are 2 ways to get it:
First way is a glitch you need to have at least 75 in swordfight and you can only do it if you haven't finished the mainquest. At everytime in the plot where Arkt fights with you you can unarm him by doing strong side attacks (by walking sideways while charging) you may have to try several times to unarm him then you can pick up the sword.

The other way is using a console command:
Open your console (I think for English keyboard it should be tilde: ~ ) then type: player.additem UniChrysamere 1 OR AddItem UniChrysamere 1
At least one of those should work.
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