Why is Nehrim going out on steam in 2020 ?

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Hello everyone,

So I just saw that the Nehrim was on a "TBA" state on steam, and is annouced to be released on 2020.
So I was asking myself if the devs just want to make a launcher version of it, like enderal right now, or if they plan to work on a fully english translated product ? Like a remaster or something ?
I played Enderal and LOVED it. I need to know if the game will get a fully official translation one day or not to decide if I should start this game or wait for an english version ? :/

Thank you very much for reading this, walk blessed !
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hi, welcome to the forum :)

it will have a better compatibility with Steam (even though it will still be a switch),
and include a new patch with "new additional music tracks" and "improved performance, lighting, sound, game scripts and environments" :)
(game dev source)

no english voice acting though.
(there is an fan dub work-in-progress somewhere, but we have no idea when/if it will be finished, and yeah, not made by sureA.I.)
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