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Forum credentials don't work on the wiki?

Verfasst: 30.03.2021 08:45
von gible
Per subject. Trying to use the wiki to add some info but I can't login. Is there something I'm missing?

Re: Forum credentials don't work on the wiki?

Verfasst: 30.03.2021 10:26
von Stefanie
Hello gible
The SureAI wiki is mostly maintained by the community, so it's everyone, for everyone

The wiki is a separate area for user registration, but your data should work as long as the name is not yet in use.
Unfortunately I can't see where exactly you are stuck?
Register at the top right of the wiki page or use this help.
There is also help, unfortunately it is often in German, but there are also various translators on the internet.

Think about what you want to change or add.
Many users use the wiki and will definitely be happy when they get more good content.
Good luck and thanks.

Re: Forum credentials don't work on the wiki?

Verfasst: 31.03.2021 07:43
von gible
Hi Stefanie

I have some experience with mediawiki so I've done a little digging...

This forum search returns the same wiki announcement post in German and English saying that "The login for the wiki and the login for the forum are the same."

There is no Register at the top right on the wiki page you linked to, only, Talk for this IP address, and Log in. The mediawiki help for this is no use and the English SureAI wiki help for registration page does not exist.

The German help for registration page says to use the same registration link that is in the two wiki announcement posts.

The normal mediawiki page link to create an account instead redirects to the Login page with a permissions error:
You do not have permission to create this user account, for the following reason:

The action you have requested is limited to users in the group: Administrators.
I imagine that logins became restricted at some point due to bots/bad editors/any of the other usual bad user issues.

So, per the error information, could a SureAI wiki Administrator please create an account for me, and PM me the password.

and/or...fix the forum<->wiki account linking (which is notoriously painful. Mediawiki doesn't play nice accounting with anything.)

Re: Forum credentials don't work on the wiki?

Verfasst: 01.04.2021 15:39
von stuemper
the "original" mediawiki login for the wiki was indeed restricted some time ago. In the top right corner on the landing page of the wiki there should be a a button/link that says "Log in". You should be re-directed to this page where you should be able to use the very same credentials as you did to log into the forum to post this question :)

Edit: So you don't need to register a new account in the wiki, you can just use your forums account to log in.

Re: Forum credentials don't work on the wiki?

Verfasst: 02.04.2021 05:29
von gible
Hi stuemper

That - using the same credentials as the forum - is exactly what I did the first time. And again just now. And I logged out and logged back into the forum. And then I tried the wiki login again. It doesn't work. All I get is
Login error
Incorrect password entered. Please try again.
Given that you insist that it should work I can only assume that my password is somehow at fault...pause...let me change it.

Ok that works. New password does not contain any of *&$@,+ only letters and numbers and is only 16 characters long (instead of 20).