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New Game built in Skyrim

Verfasst: 29.04.2020 23:48
von PickledHermit
HI, first i want to say thank you for making the games that you have. I was just wondering if you were going to make a new game like enderal some day. i like enderal but im sad that using magic is punished so i have a hard time enjoying the game. i see you are working on one in the Oblivion engine, do you have any way to add controller support?

Re: New Game built in Skyrim

Verfasst: 30.04.2020 11:09
von urst
hi, welcome to the forum!

"Nehrim" is already nearly ten years old at this point, it was released in 2010 and is getting a new patch and better Steam-compatibility :)
i never played it (or Oblivion) with a controller, but you could check out this mod, Oblivion Xbox Gamepad.
no idea if it works with Nehrim though (it uses a different UI).