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here you can find the full changelog of DREADFUL RIVER

v0.4.135.0 ( March 27 - 2023 )

* Ancient locations added (later used to enter the underground)
* Less object construction tasks when doing level streaming to reduce loading hiccups
* Map icon improvements
* Updated some locations
* New river tiles

v0.4.134.0 ( March 24 - 2023 )

* Warrior melee units on land will start throwing stones if they can not reach their opponent
* Basic fishing (will be further refined)
* Added new environment assets which will further improve the visual quality of the game
* Changed some existing locations
* Update skylight after returning to main menu
* More shop slots

v0.4.133.0 ( March 21 - 2023 )

* Increased indirect lighting
* Fixed unit raft attachment issue when hiring crew on land
* Land loot can now be picked up from the raft
* Spearman now keeps his perfect distance to enemies
* Spearman stops attack when nobody is around
* Disabled landing while in dialogue
* Fixed landing sites positioning mode moving npcs around
* Removed lazy unit behavior introduced with
* Fixed landscape hole in farmlands environment

v0.4.132.0 ( March 20 - 2023 )

* Item usefulness rating added for crew members
* Crew members can equip stuff directly from the inventory screen
* Force garbage collection when docking at settlements
* Implemented forgotten interact key function for crafting menu
* Re-added specific interact sounds for some item equipping actions
* Added more item slots for potion, crafting and inventory menu
* Target mode only works on enemies
* Target mode also outlines wildlife actors correctly
* Boars now come with different fur tones
* Added some recipes that can be used for fishing (soon)
* Changed some crafting icons
* Off-loading units on land is now mostly more reliable

v0.4.130.0 ( March 15 - 2023 )

* New battle music tracks
* Some enemy sound changes
* Trade menu deadlock fix
* Pick up river loot without using the raft
* Shopping at land locations without using the raft
* Smoother wind transitions to reduce vegetation flickering

v0.4.128.0 ( March 10 - 2023 )

* Additional river segment
* Fixed hovering Krev
* Start battle music only if player faction is involved in combat
* Don't start up next battle music track if battle is already over
* New explore music track
* Equipable items now show the character class that can equip them
* King stuck in lamp holding animation fixed

v0.4.127.0 ( March 9 - 2023 )

* Introduced new screen settings menu
* Added vertical vsync option
* Added set max frame rate option
* Further vehicle movement improvements
* Player character attack spam enabled
* First melee combat iteration
* Refactored some AI behavior

v0.4.126.0 ( March 7 - 2023)

* Reduced landscape texture complexity to avoid checker pattern generation
* Closed most holes in landscape mesh
* Tab key no longer switches focus of viewport
* Another bunch of level streaming bugfixes

v0.4.125.0 ( March 6 - 2023 )

* Seasons now determine which harvestable plants grow on land
* Fixed the birch tree collisions
* River generation intervall check to avoid loading issues
* Changed river loading/streaming settings to avoid generation bugs
* Some changes to the enemy boat movement, will be further refined
* Added audio menu setting to adjust footstep sounds

v0.4.124.0) ( March 4 - 2023

* King took some swimming lessons
* Collision fixes for several ruin assets
* Game will now auto save when reaching a settlement
* Some whoosh sounds for combat
* Footstep sounds for different surfaces
* Disable enemy weapons after death

v0.4.123.0 ( March 3 - 2023 )

* Character land movement controls improved
* Attack possible while moving on land and directional movement
* Zoom out when boarding raft
* Reintroduced target mode wakes up crew at night time
* Fixed at times none responsive melee weapons
* Raft menu responsiveness improved
* Action menu for land actions introduced to access potion and crew functions
* New food items added
* Item tooltip positioning fix
* Krev now casts spell on raft and not on king
* Not yet implemented skill menu disabled
* Several minor level design and graphic fixes

v0.4.122.0 ( March 1 - 2023 )

* Changed default mouse tilt direction
* Landing and target mode now use mouse coursor direction
* Unstuck button available from pause menu
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