Making a Replacer Mod (Help)

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Hello everyone,

I have a question about using Skyrim Mods for Enderal.

Enderal is a total conversion for Skyrim, and assets are used from Skyrim.

I have used replacer mods found on the nexus, but I'm wondering how to create my own, and I don't seem to find help.

Basically I want to use this mod: ... mods/62752 as use as a replacer.

I tried bsa extractor and just renaming the .nif files but it's either clipping really bad or most of the time my char becomes bald or/and has no head. So I tried to change values in xedit, (heard, circle, etc) but doen't work, so I tried to just make an esp an install via mod manager, but I'm lost.

Maybe someone know how to do it? PS: It's just for myself, not to upload anything on the nexus.

Thank you
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see your German post (one question is enough)
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