Enderal SE - Missing Textures Powdermage Mod

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Hello there,
I am now starting a new game of Enderal SE with Ixion XVII's "Path of the Prophet"-modpack...
The only mod i wanted to add because i realy liked it was "A Gentleman's Flintlock Armoury - Special Edition" which is also called "Powdermage"...
The problem now is that the pistols are obviously missing their textures... they are just neon-green/yellow colored. They WORK just fine and as intended.
I realy don't understand what's wrong because the mod implements the pistols just as mage staffs mechanicly and as i said... they work.
Also they don't alter any skill or stuff which would cause incompatibilty with "Path of the Prophet"...

I tried manual instalation and with Vortex but nothing seems to work. So... if someone has a idea... please tell me.

The mod:
https://www.nexusmods.com/enderalspecia ... n/mods/378
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