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Hello, I am a somewhat modder and not very good one, but I do have a question. It may sound really stupendous, but also a huge project with a lot of your guys skill and technique used.

Here goes: Do you think, in the future, you could take the DLC Enderal, and make it so someone in Skyrim could travel there but in a very difficult ,manner...If you get my meaning, such as the similar way the original player went to Enderal from there and to be able to go to tgo to the other countries that are at war? Like the one his/her mother escaped from originally in the story line? You know like work your way into each country gradually, not fast travel or nothing like that. Like I said, that would be a huge project, but I figured you probably wouldn't do it, but, I was just wondering and thought I'd ask. :thumbsup:
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I am not part of the SureAI team, but can say that would be beyond weird, because:
1. It's built in an entire different universe and world, and continent. -> so you would need some inter-dimentional doorway to go there
2. The lore is completely different
3. The races are different
4. The magic system works different
5. Etc.

But there are many options like you seek for Enderal already available in Skyrim you could explore:
1. Falskaar
2. Beyond Bruma
3. Etc.

Have a look at this list posted on Nexus about the many options to extend Skyrim hours:
Skyrim - List of Total Conversions https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26845
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