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Enderal's Steam Workshop

Verfasst: 14.02.2019 04:43
von stuemper
Mods for Enderal can now be uploaded and downloaded directly through the Steam Workshop and the Enderal launcher. How this works is explained below.

You can access Enderal's Steam Workshop either via the button "Steam Workshop" in the Enderal launcher or within the Steam Library in the overview.

Subscribe to, install, activate, deactivate, uninstall, and unsubscribe from mods

First, an important warning: we don't support mods - they can cause additional issues which we won’t fix.
Please read carefully the mod description and contact the mod author about any issues.
Mods created for Skyrim are not compatible.

Browse the Workshop for an interesting mod and subscribe to it. The filters and search options should be clear, though we're open for suggestions.

Once subscribed, Steam will download the mod and you can install it via the Workshop Tool within the launcher. The first three tabs display all the mods you have subscribed to. Click on the install button for the mods you want to install. Clicking “Refresh” will update the list of your mods.

Some mods have to be activated within the launcher. Open the "Data files" tab, check the mod(s), and save your changes. Keep the load order in mind when using several mods - if the mods overlap, the game will apply the changes introduced by the last mod in your load order.

Deactivating and uninstalling mods works the same way (uncheck in the Launcher and "uninstall" with the Workshop Tool). To delete a mod from the list of subscribed mods, unsubscribe from the mod’s workshop page.

Apart from us not supporting the use of mods, it's generally not advised to install or uninstall mods during a playthrough.

Uploading and updating your own mods in the Steam Workshop

You can share your own mods with other players by uploading them to the Steam Workshop.
To do so, open the Workshop Tool in the Enderal launcher and select the second tab “Upload Modification”. There will be an overview of all the information you need to provide, including:
  • Mod name: The name of the mod as it will be displayed in the workshop.
  • Language: The language of the mod.
  • Version: A version number, e.g. 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc. This will be important when you decide to update your mod.
  • Preview pic: The image that will appear in the workshop, max. 1MB.
  • Tags: What aspects of the game does the mod affect? Mods in the workshop can be filtered via these tags.
  • Add mod files: Here you can upload the relevant mod files. Create a folder named ‘Enderal’ (e.g. on the desktop) with a subfolder named ‘data’. Then, select the Enderal folder, where a file named ‘’ will be created afterwards. You can safely ignore this file, but do not delete it under any circumstances.
The set-up is now complete and you can upload your mod. By uploading your mod you accept the Steam Subscriber Agreement.
You can access your mod in the workshop once it has been uploaded. However, it is set to be invisible at first, meaning other users can’t see it yet.
You can update your mods and edit the description in the third tab ‘Update Modification’ of the Workshop Tools. To do so, please insert the workshop mod ID (found at the end of the link above) in the input field. You can now edit your mod and upload the changes following the same procedure as creating the mod.
You can also edit the appearance of the mod directly in the workshop, e.g. change the cover picture or the description, upload additional screenshots or videos, change the visibility of the mod or even delete it completely.
Administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove the mod at their discretion if its content does not comply with the TOS.