[spoiler] Archmagister Lexil near the game's end

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Despite some floating humanoid shape above him, the archmagister is alive and I would've liked to drag him into my capsule with me. But I didn't have that choice.

Contrary to him, Jespar and Arantheal didn't show up on "Detect Life" spell. I relied too much on the spell and assumed that they bugged out. Resorted to Google to find them. But not showing up on Detect Life probably means their souls left already their bodies anyway.

Still, would've liked to save the archmagister. Started playing around. Tried "defilibrating" him with a shock spell. He got onto his knee, staggered and stood up shortly after. Other than that, still no reaction. Healing target didn't work either.

Trying to give sense to the game's logic, it occured to me that he had realized what's happening. He noticed that the souls are being dragged out of people's bodies while they can still think and speak. Trying his best to survive, he used some combination of Detect Life, Soul Trap and enchanting to enchant his own body (like an item) with his own soul. He's probably regretting it right now, being unable to die until he becomes dust (the item gets destroyed and the soul is released).

And he WILL turn to dust, as the Cleansing "takes all organic life" from anywhere close to the planet's surface). So, if I managed to save him, and he cools off from burning, he'll probably turn out to be some sort of undead, but with a living soul. ... Or, in case he loses enough of organic material, he might be considered a mechanical being with a soul. Like Horst. Either way, he might be able to live for centuries to come.
Combine this with my previous topic and you can start a small community of wierd souls who survived the Cleansing. We don't know if Calia can die of old age, either. The Light-Born managed to live long as mere human mages, so why not her? She has a lot of the Black Stone's essence in her.
She had also already felt that burning that fits the description of what the Cleansing causes. She survived it as a child, right after being resurrected. ... I think it's safe to classify her as undead. With a well-preserved body, thanks to her father.
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The adventures of a bunch of weird souls who survived the Cleaning would be everything I ever wanted in a DLC expansion pack. SureAI should get right on that
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I think it's important not to confuse game mechanics for Secret Lore. Tealor and Jespar can both talk when you find them, so they're evidently not yet dead (well, for some value of "not yet dead"). I think it's safe to assume that the floating humanoid shape is Lexil's soul leaving his body, regardless of Detect Life, which essentially depends on certain things being set a certain way, I'm pretty sure that Jespar doesn't show up with a Detect Life spell when you meet him and Constantin in the ruined village (can't remember if Constantin does), there's a fair few NPCs with some odd settings in the CK. (Not to mention the version of Jespar at the very end is actually a different "NPC", that doesn't mean he's not the same "person".)

That said, I'm totally up for post-apocalypse DLC with some conveniently handwavedly totally actually survived friends (Tharaêl, Esme, Ryneus, sod it, let's bring back Lishari...)
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