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Suggestion and request - Okay, actually desperately begging.

Verfasst: 23.11.2019 16:55
von Jaknet
I think that if SureAI has the staff and time for this, it will really help the visibility and reputation of SureAI and Enderal: The Forgotten Stories given the current state of the gaming market.

Now I know that some of SureAI are off on other projects and a lot of SureAI is now busy with CA so there's not many (if any) left to do anything... and I know part of this request has been asked for quite a few times in the past as well, I'm just hoping that instead of "beating a dead horse", this might be more "CPR on a not quite dead horse, and for a different outcome", so please don't stop reading as soon as you see the dreaded letters "SSE".

The only reason I bring up SSE is for the fact that 98%+ of all Skyrim SSE mods (including the major new area / land mods such as :- Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE, Falskaar, The Forgotten City, Clockwork (SSE), etc, etc, work straight away in the Skyrim VR version with no adjustments needed at all.

Skyrim VR is incredibly popular (well, seems to be and reddit has a quite busy Skyrim VR section) it still sells well at £40 even with people that own both the original and SSE versions due to how incredibly immersive it is, it's a full length game (same with Fallout 4 VR and Elite: Dangerous as well) ... and with the latest public boost to VR gaming in general with Valve dropping the new HL as a VR only game and giving it away with ANY index related purchase (including just the controllers), I'm really, really wondering (desperately hoping) if now would be a worthwhile time to convert Enderal to SSE, as not only will you get the interest of the normal Skyrim SSE player, but you will get the interest of almost ALL the Skyrim VR players as well.

Just my personal experience with Skyrim VR is that having played Skyrim a few times I really couldn't face playing it "yet again" just because it's in VR, but after a quick experience of just how immersive and different it is playing it in VR, plus the massive amount of working mods already available due to SSE mods just working in VR, I gave in and bought Skyrim yet again.... Yes it is amazing and all the extra land mods all work, but once in the fully modded game, it's still just Skyrim, the same world, and 90% is things I've already done... all I can feel each time is a vast longing that it's not Enderal in Skyrim VR. Then I open Enderal, look at it on the flat screen and's a wonderful world, but it's still the one Skyrim mod that I cannot play in VR and I end up not playing it at all. :(

In closing, it's my deepest hope that by "simply", yeah right as if :P, making the one conversion to SSE, you'll be able to market to 2 different audiences at the same time, SSE and VR.

I beg on both knees to be able to stand inside Enderal and experience it in VR 8)

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and many thanks to all of the SureAI team for everything you have given us to enjoy and explore.

Re: Suggestion and request - Okay, actually desperately begging.  [solved]

Verfasst: 23.11.2019 19:36
von Kermit 61
Thank you for your suggestions and ideas. And of course they are read :wink:
The topic is known.
But the official answer to it has not changed. That will probably not happen from today's perspective.
There is currently no developer who has the time for it.

Re: Suggestion and request - Okay, actually desperately begging.

Verfasst: 27.11.2019 01:48
von Jaknet
23.11.2019 19:36Kermit 61 hat geschrieben:
There is currently no developer who has the time for it.
Gutted, gutted and truly gutted.... Still I had horrible feeling this would be the case as people do need to earn to live.

Thank you very much indeed for the reply :)

Re: Suggestion and request - Okay, actually desperately begging.

Verfasst: 28.11.2019 14:52
von Kermit 61
Bug fixes are more urgent (yes there are still some ...) :wink: