Any possibility to regress the game version?

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Hi, i'm a brazilian guy that want to play this game, but my english isnt the best of the world xD, so i tried to find a translation(and its pretty hard to find, because the size of the game strings) then when i found the translation it was outdated :c so i wanted to regress the game to the version, thats the version of the translation. Its possible?and if it is, any download link for the patch?
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Version is the old english or german version without ForgottenStories and this is no longer supported.
You can see current translations here,
of which only German, English, Russian, Chinese and Italian for ForgotenStories have been published on Steam so far.

Other languages are partly still in progress, but the respective contact persons are linked in the Wiki.
But we have no direct influence on them, these are external translator teams.
(sorry, Brazilian - Portuguese translation is currently not in progress, the Spanish version will probably take some time as well)
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