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Where might I go to make suggestions?

Verfasst: 21.09.2019 21:50
von Fugus
I have a few possible things they might could do in a future patch of the game, where might I go to post that?

I think they would make it worth while to invest in the Mentalism, Entrophy, and Light trees without being too strong. While now, there really isn't much point in investing levels into them as the benefits don't change, just the cost goes down.

Re: Where might I go to make suggestions?

Verfasst: 22.09.2019 10:20
von Kermit 61
Welcome to the forum :)

You're already correct in the discussion area. Of course we are looking forward to your suggestions.

However, there will probably be no more changes to the balancing.
Only bugs are to be fixed. Presumably, there will be only one final patch.
Unfortunately our developers do not have enough free time.

Re: Where might I go to make suggestions?

Verfasst: 22.09.2019 15:51
von Fugus
Ok, thank you. My changes might make a few things more worth going into.

Light and Elementarism

- Change the enchants that reduce the cost of Elementarism and Light Magic to instead boost the magnitude of them, making them stronger to allow for scaling.

- Change "Light Magic" in the hero tree to also passively regenerate magic, health, and stamina based on skill level. Level 100 gives roughly 10 per second while out of combat, half that while in combat.

- Increase duration of Blessing of Life & Protection from Magic based on Skill level.


- Add "Fortify Unbound Weapons" Enchant. Have it scale roughly the same as 1-Hand, 2-Hand, and Archery with a preference for 1-hand and archery. Going a LITTLE over them isn't huge.

- Change bound weapons duration from 2 minutes to 5 minutes baseline and allow them the time to scale based on skill level as well.

Also redo the weapons scaling so that, for example:

A Bound Dagger (Rank 1) with no enchants or levels in Entropy is equal to an Iron dagger is baseline while the max rank with 100 Entropy and perks is equal to the strongest dagger in the game tempered with the base level tempering. Have all other weapons follow the same scaling.

- New spell, Bound Shield that does exactly that. Rank 1 with no enchants or levels is equal to the weakest light armor shield in the game, max level and rank with enchants is equal to the max level Light Armor shield with base level tempering.

- Memory "Thought Planning" now updated to also adds "Fortify Block" to the bound shield.

- Memory "Expert of the Dark Arts" now also has the ability "Skills with bound gear now uses magic instead of stamina".

- Memory "Mystical Call" now also increases the duration of bound gear as well as summons. "Summon spells now last X% longer".


- New spell: "Ondusi's Key", unlocks doors and chests. Scales with your Mentalism skill level.

- Divine Sheild, cut effectiveness and cost by roughly 50% and increase its duration to 2 hours. Also, change the name to Mystic Armor as it is Mentalism and an Armor so it is neither Divine nor a shield.

- Change Mentalism in the hero tree so that, while you have no light or heavy armor worn, increases your armor by 2.5 armor per point. Excludes base points.


- Arcane enchanter added to Riverille Abandoned house.

- Change alchemy ability "Fortify Enchanting" to "Fortify Weapon Enchantment" that instead focuses specificially on the weapon enchant damage, breaks any possibility of the enchanting-alchemy loop abuse.

- New cloth armor set "Garbs of the Mystic Pretender" Bonuses:
Set Bonuses:
1) Reduce the cost of Mentalism and Entropy spells.
2) Boost your Entropy and Mentalism levels.
3) Your minions and apparitions are boosted by your Entropy and Mentalism levels.

Gloves: Fortify Bound Weapons, Attack and arrow draw speed increase when using only bound gear.
Boots: Increase movement speed when not wearing light or heavy armor, increase mana regeneration.
Helmet: Fortify Bound Weapons, Block more with Bound Shield and Spell Ward.
Chest: Increase duration of summon spells (Bound and Minions), Resist Magic 10%

- New affinity: Sinistrope/Thaumaturge - Red Mage
-Your spells and bound weapons do not hurt your minions, apparitions, or followers.
-Increase skills in Entropy, Psionics, Light Magic, and Mentalism.
-Increase the duration and decrease the arcane fever effects, self damage, and cost of spells.

Re: Where might I go to make suggestions?

Verfasst: 22.09.2019 15:54
von Fugus
I figure these would give people reasons to invest points into the actual skill levels of the skills and not just memories as much of the scaling is put into the skill investment and not just the memories and base level skills.

It also opens up the possibility for an unarmored playstyle that is still viable by investing in a tree that most don't invest in because the abilities are typically ones you don't spam and don't scale with level.

Along with the "Red Mage" class combination to top it off for investment.

And this makes the bound weapons stronger but still weaker than crafted, tempered, and enchanted versions. Basically trading shear power for versatility.

Re: Where might I go to make suggestions?

Verfasst: 22.09.2019 16:00
von Fugus
I am no modder but I have been learning how to to try and make this as best I can.

So far I have made a fortify enchanting buff and dispersed it through the game to an extend.

I have also made one to allow for the bound weapons to scale with skill level as best I could, but haven't posted it because it would require redoing the bound weapon scaling otherwise it makes them too strong.

Re: Where might I go to make suggestions?

Verfasst: 22.09.2019 16:20
von Kermit 61
Mods you should better post separately under modifications :wink:

Re: Where might I go to make suggestions?

Verfasst: 22.09.2019 16:22
von Fugus
I understand, I was just saying and giving that if you guys wanted to use it. I personally suck at modding.

But figure these are things that could improve the base game and made for good suggestions.

Edited it to remove the link.

Re: Where might I go to make suggestions?

Verfasst: 23.09.2019 01:17
von Fugus
Well, hopefully some of my suggestions can make it into a future patch, if not. Good game either way, I actually think I enjoy it more than I did Skyrim

Re: Where might I go to make suggestions?

Verfasst: 29.09.2019 06:01
von Fugus
Another possible suggestion for a future update.

The blueprints idea was a really decent one. But a slight upgrade to it would be to make them consumable similar to spell books after you get the Collection book and just having the book allows you to use them all automatically and opening it just allows you to view your collection where it will show you the model for all things, the stats on gear, and the items needed to build them.

Gets kinda confusing for someone who tries to collect them all trying to figure out what they have and don't have when they have go to vendors and see the blueprints. When it comes to the other stuff, you can see the "Eye" icon next to it showing you have read them.