Thoughts about Phasmalism mid-game

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Hi everyone!

After 5 months playing Enderal Forgotten Stories I really need to say this game is stunning.
I could have never imagined how good the devs had developed this game ... it is truly a masterpiece.

I am currentely playing as a Spectral warrior (2handed + phasmalism) and even if the game is all in fantastic (lore and npcs are marvelous) I feel like Phasmalism is, dunno how to explain it correctely, devalued.

I don't want to criticize or polemicize I just want, after reading a lot of discussions and more than 270 hours in a game, to point out some things about the Phasmalism that could MAYBE be usefull for some future features.

1 - The amulets should be miscellaneous like the old ban totem. None of the other classes need 1 armor slot to function, and it can be really annoing ... just think about a character playing as a phasmalist with a Mysterious Nomad set.

2 - When in proximity of areas with souls there should be writings in the middle of the screen (for example "I feel some presence here") because even if the sounds are good honestly if I had not scrolled throught the wiki I would have never found all the souls.
Some of them are also in "points of no return" as the Aeterna Ambassador.

3 - In some situation the AI can be really poor.
From Friendly fire to (ex.) The Lost Rhalâim keep using (even if on "Offensive" not "Magic") Psionism spell on undead.

4 - Souls have levels, so by logic they should be in some kind of hierarchy. Level 1 souls should not be powerfull as Level 3 souls. Unfortunately it is what happens for numerous players. You take 1 soul level 1 (ex: Rugar Oneeye) then you equip him with the righteous armor and weapon and voila, you've done.
When approaching mage souls it is even worst.
Giving Denna Frostheart to numerous amount of frost spell level 3 is worthless..because she will never use it! She keeps using only 1 spell. The lowest in my case (the ice stream).
I feel like you should delete the option to customize appearances and give by default proper set, spell, armor and weapon according to their level.
Right now invest 75 points in Enchantment + Handicraft is pointless, you can just stick to 25 and give your level 1 souls with some good equipment.

Like I said those are just some thoughts (half developed by internet, half developed by playing) NOT criticisms, the game is wonderfull and you devs deserve a golden medal for this game, it is awesome.

Have a good day everyone! :)
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