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WOW!...The story line is definitely better than Bethesda's Fallout 4 (Which was professional), and in general on par with other well made games. I am at level 33 and have completed the Rhalâta and Our mark in this world, and both were a lot of fun. I am looking forward to the Golden Sickle line and the new companion.

Now I told the Order that I needed time to think about joining them, so I could explore all the side quests first, before getting caught up in the urgency of "saving the world". Nothing more immersion breaking (personally) than stopping to do get involved, when there are more pressing matters at hand. Sooooo, I have noticed that my choices mean that sometimes the game is too easy and other times too hard: No Problem!, I have learned that I have to dial the difficulty up and down to match my sandbox choices.

The new AI is a work in progress: a real leap ahead in a lot of ways, and no so good in others. I was frustrated with ghost blade, because if I was surrounded by rats and jumped on a table, they all ran away. One can't snipe enemies that have run around the corner. I was always being forced into melee combat so why fight it...I enjoy Spectral warrior much better. Here is the thing, when on horseback with my bow, I watched NPCs duck behind trees to find cover, and thought that is so cool! I really think the design team is on to something, but just needs to not apply the strategy to all enemies at all times. In melee this is not even an issue.

Overall this game is completely awesome! I missed Nehrim, This makes me want to brave the dated graphics to give it a try...still a lot of Enderal ahead though.
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I missed Nehrim, This makes me want to brave the dated graphics to give it a try.
Nehrim is one of my favorites. If you get immersed enough, you don't notice the graphics, and they aren't that bad. By the way, in case you missed it, Steam shows that SureAI will release Nehrim on Steam in 2020; maybe it will be spiffed up a bit.
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I just want to add my 2c (Australian) here...
In my humble opinion, there are way too may "wild mages" in the game, and I don't feel this in sync with the lore. You learn at the Sun Palace that magic is a rare gift, people who have it require serious and long training (the path of the water), and then can become an Arcanist for the Keepers, or I assume a 'free' mage. And then there is the risk of arcane fever, yet few carry any Ambrosia with them...

So, they would be rare, and therefor very valuable/sought after - by nobility, wealthy merchants or such, or perhaps set up a arcanist apothecary or something like that.

Yet, out in the world, every time you kick a rock over, some crazed wild mage jumps out and without any provocation attacks you. Every.Single.Time. Surely they can't all be hostile to a fellow traveller on the road? C'mon that's just way too unrealistic. Too much Dark Souls, and too little The Witcher (where they are employed by kings, and other rich folks), or Dragon Age (where they may be part of the Mages Collective, or be paid mercenaries, but typically in a healing or support role). It's not just that they are very tough enemies - they surely are that with their unbelievable accurate range attack, no loss in mana during prolonged attack, and complete lack of armour, yet taking many hits to put down. All that applies, but it's the incongruency that gets me. I simply can not believe that this game is divided into the "good people" (e.g. Keepers, Ark and Riverwind, etc. inhabitants), and "bad people" (live outside of the city, and you are a crazed savage). I would love to see some diversity, with a few travelling mage healers, or journeymen arcanists selling their trade, or living in a caravan, like the little lass looking for her erstwhile companion). Reading tarot cards in the local inn/tavern. Or even selling their services to the player when you pass through (I know followers are not a big thing in this game, but that would have been quite consistent with the lore I feel - many mercenaries around, just nobody wants to help the PC - quite unusual).
Anyway, it is a rich story with deep characters, yet I feel this area would have benefitted from more consideration (think Dragon Age: Origins Slim Couldry, or that shop in Denerim, the varied mages in the Witcher series, even Skyrim's court mages and many other similar examples).
Maybe I'm just salty because they are so tough, as the combat system is clunky (Skyrim's I mean), and ranged mages are a challenge at lower levels.
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