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[SPOILERS] Golden Sickle Quest Line

Verfasst: 06.04.2019 19:56
von JonnyGR04
Just finished the Golden Sickle Questline. I was a little frustrated after reading through the Wiki, only to discover
[+] spoiler
that no matter which side you choose, Mael or Dijaam, the story changes to make the other side at fault
It felt as if there was no 'truth' to the actual sacking of the caravan. I have no issue with choosing sides, or moral grey areas, but to make the truth fit what the character choose, seems like a frustrating way to have the quest laid out. I would have much preferred to either feel betrayed when I sided with the actual bad guys (I tend toward the good guys more on my playthroughs), or feeling righteous when you helped uncover who the bad guys were and were able to take them down.

Something like the Rhalata questiline, where no matter what choice you take, the story itself is already there, and the your choices effect how the story plays out and what happens.
[+] spoiler
The fact that you found out what the father did, and had to make a choice was BRILLIANT!! Probably my favorite quest line so far, and one of the best I've ever played

I hope I'm not explaining myself poorly, and was hoping to get some insight on why it was designed this way, particularly because from a character motivation perspective
[+] spoiler
Mael is a good guy who is trying to help the undercity, where as you know NOTHING a dijaam save that she grew up poor and had a bad childhood. Compared to someone like Tharael, who's childhood story was mind blowing and made you actually feel for him.
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Re: [SPOILERS] Golden Sickle Quest Line  [solved]

Verfasst: 06.04.2019 22:12
von urst
welcome to the forum :)

about the first part - not sure what you mean?
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Mendulus Pennypouches (link to his wiki page)
was behind all of that, in both cases, planting wrong evidence.

so in that way, yes, there is no right or wrong side to choose.

Re: [SPOILERS] Golden Sickle Quest Line

Verfasst: 07.04.2019 00:58
von JonnyGR04
OMG - I'm an idiot. I didn't actually get to the end, and read ahead on the wiki to see how it would play out to pick the choices I wanted to see. Seeing what you posted - I messed up big time!!! I didn't read through the whole thing and missed that part. Last time I'm EVER reading ahead on anything with this game. (PS - looking forward to seeing how the ending goes!!!!!)

My fault for not trusting the brilliance of SureAI. Please delete my post as it does the quest line no justice. You guys are amazing, and I appreciate all of your hard work. I should have trust you guys.

cheers - and thanks for pointing me to that.