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We are interested in your experiences with the different companions (Jespar/Calia/Tharaêl/Esme) –
how good is their damage? How much can they withstand? Please also mention what difficulty you play on.

Please keep in mind that the companions are not meant to be tanks any longer –
however, if they collapse after only one hit and there’s no fun to be had any longer, that is not the point either ;)

It would be great if you could also mention specific moments where the companions are particularly weak / strong during a quest.
We look forward to your input :D
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Jespar's iron daggers are pretty ineffective.
I play on iron path. I especially noticed it at Crystal Forest heading to The Living Temple. Although he is a bit better now, he picked up a huge hammer from the temple :P
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I'm playing on Adept difficulty and I'm currently playing a stealthy archer.

When I have a companion following me, fights almost always follow the same path:
  1. I snipe one of the enemies from stealth.
  2. Companion charges in, all enemies attack them.
  3. I have to move to avoid shooting my companion in the back.
  4. By the time I get a clear shot, the enemies have kicked the stuffing out of my companion and now they're chasing me.
  5. I kite the enemies whilst running backwards, shooting them.
  6. Companion sometimes recovers enough HP to help along the way, only to get the stuffing kicked out of them again.
  7. Repeat from step 5 until the enemies are all dead.
This can occasionally turn what should be a fairly easy fight into something much more dangerous. I have to admit that I've not tried giving them better gear - not sure if you can even do that?

In terms of the damage that they do, it seems that they do some (and I'm not expecting huge DPS from them) but it's difficult to tell as they don't stay standing long enough.

However, my #1, absolutely grinds-my-gears annoyance with the companions is their habit of walking into you - as in I'll walk up to a table, try to pick up some pennies and end up picking up the plate next to it because the companion has walked into me and nudged me a few centimetres to the side. I seem to recall that I've even had them do this when I'm trying to snipe, causing my arrow to miss its target. I have a vague recollection of this happening in vanilla Skyrim, so I can't tell if it's an issue with your companions or with companions generally.
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I agree strongly with Sekrin's 7 points, especially #3. It is frustrating that just as I've fired an arrow my companion runs into the line of fire & takes it in the back.

Tharael was the most effective fighter, often killing an enemy in 1 or 2 swings. Esme seemed to do OK 1 on 1 but went down pretty fast when facing 2 or 3 enemies.

I'm now at L35 but once I was taken to Firespark by Jespar, I haven't done any more of the main quest so I have little experience with him and none with Calia. Although I do recall that on the way from Riverville to Ark, at Dual Towers (I think) Jespar took down 2 or 3 of the bandits by himself.

I play mostly on Adept, but I had to go down to Novice for the 2 petrified in the theater. Really, I've done all the 4 star bounty quests from Ark at up to L17, but the 2 petrified battle is more like 5-star difficulty for me.
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I've noticed that my Chainlightning spell jumps to the companion too when they're in the fray. Two or three chainlightning bolts aimed at an enemy and Jespar tends to be down on one knee as well. Doesn't seem like he can take that much damage.

But he's the only companion I've been travelling with one on one so far. Not seen enough of Calia yet to say.
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I am finding the close follow distance extremely frustrating. You can drag a companion around fine but the moment you stop and crouch to take a quick bow shot they run into the back of you and push you. Every damned time!
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Mostly pretty good, though i wish Jespar would sneak when I do at the Aged Man's Manor - he seemed fine with sneaking the rest of the time, so it was a bit weird that he didn't there (I know there's no NEED to sneak, but HE doesn't know that!)

Couple of points that stuck in my memory aside from that:

Calia, during the Star City sequence, was only managing to take one hit from virtually anything before she was crawling around (I used "getav health" because for some reason the mfg expanded info wasn't showing up, and it said she had 100).

A couple of times, Jespar/Calia got stuck in the sneak animation - wasn't an issue the first time with Calia, because we were somewhere with chairs (if an NPC gets stuck sneaking, and you can "command state" them, making them sit seems to fix it) but with Jespar and the other time with Calia, we were not anywhere that this was an option. This is a vanilla Skyrim issue, ofc, but I've only ever experienced it once or twice before in around 2,500 hours of Skyrim (and I usually have a follower or two with me) so it happening three times in one playthrough where there's probably less than, what, 20 hours where I've even got someone with me, and I wasn't sneaking all the time? Might be worth looking at.

I don't remember being able to command them last time, and I don't THINK they snuck when I did (although this was a year or two ago, my memory could be wrong), so if those are new, then hooray, because they're useful, if not, ignore me!

Oh, and I was playing on Adept mainly/switched to novice later on.
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Just did the quest Qalian's Last Smile and Tharaêl seems to be a wimp who goes down in one or two hits from the bandits in the Tar Pit.
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I am only playing on Adept.
I don't quite understand the logic of arming Jespar, a non-magic-using mercenary, with daggers. Iron ones at that. I would think from his comments, which sounds like he is doing "ok" from the work, he would be able to afford some better weapons. But also, how would he have survived in this world, armed with daggers? I honestly feel he should have been a sellsword, perhaps sword main hand, and dagger offhand.
As it stands, he goes down quite easy in combat, and is basically cannon fodder for distraction value only. I would hate to depend on him a tough spot.
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I will report this on the bug tracker as well, but I'll ask here in case anyone reads: Make it so that companions and apparitions don't take damage from the player's spells, using AOE's which should help taking down multiple enemies at high difficulty is a PITA right now..
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