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Re: Forgotten Dungeons [EN]

Verfasst: 10.05.2018 21:22
von badgesareus
Thanks for this information. Here is what I found using your cell references:

- The Deep: everything just as you described. When I checked my local map, each cell had the name in German + "Unused Cell". Quite a large and well-developed dungeon; I even found a couple of books (which I had already read, nothing new). I wonder if Glemrand was mentioned in any of the Enderal books.

-Undergreen Vault: Also as you described, the map showed the name in English only, the second part was named Undergreen Front. So large, it took me an hour to explore it all!

-Rockfogmine: My map showed the name in English as Rock Mist Mine. All I found was a fairly small mine, I didn't discover the loading dock and tavern you describe. I wonder if I missed a secret door or something. How do you reach them from the start (where you coc in)?

It's amazing there are such large unused dungeons. If SureAI isn't using them for FS, I wonder if some good modder could make something of them.

EDIT: Never mind, I found the rest of the Rock Mist Mine, tavern, loading dock, terminal. Wow, so big. I'm calling the police, because it is definitely a crime to not use this mine in the game! :wink:

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Verfasst: 11.05.2018 00:17
von Buccaneer
So if I understand correctly, the Deep and the Undergreenvault exist only as unattached cells with no entry point (blocked or otherwise)?

Re: Forgotten Dungeons [EN]

Verfasst: 11.05.2018 04:51
von badgesareus
I believe that is true, also true of the Rock Mist Mine. The Rock Mist Mine had a collapse (according to the book found on the table in the mine hut) and was abandoned. The steps leading down to the mine (I presume) are full of rubble, and there is no connection to the Rock Mist Mine cell. [As opposed to, for example, the Rhalata temple, where there is currently a locked door to it in the Undercity, which can be unlocked with the "unlock" command and the area can then be entered directly.]

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Verfasst: 12.05.2018 19:49
von Mattanja
Teil 4: "All the Dead Corpses"

Today we are taking a look at a creepy vision of the Prophet, that was part of the main quest and sadly got lost somewhere in the sea of eventualities...

In the vision we enter a house: its all dark and blurred, we hear some screams in the distance and some parts of the house seem to have been on fire and it is still smoking.
Scattered on the floor we find the well known books 'Nutritiousness of Meat' and 'The Art of Crispy Meat' and the shelves are filled with raw meat.
[+] Vision
Behind the counter of the shop, that we seem to be in, there are three burned corpses, that are all named: ("The Grey Karen", "Thoren" and the "Silver Blossom").
[+] Burned Corpses
A staircase that is barricaded is leading up to the first floor and and another one leading down to a storage room in the basement. On our way down we stumble upon "Jagen" who is dead and sitting on a chair surrounded by strange spiddal sticks.
[+] Jagen
Down in the basement we find a hole in the wall through which we enter another room. There we find "Boreo" kneeling naked in a cage putting his hands up as if he was praying or pleading. He is surrounded by candles, skulls, food and four slighty creepy children that start to giggle from time to time.
[+] The Basement
The vision seems to end at this point and we enter the house at a later time, probably to pursue the vision.
The shop turns out to be "Boreo's Book Blessing" is now full of (regular) books and free of corpses.
[+] The Shop
Our investigations are quickly stopped by a wall in the basement, that is blocking the hole from the vision. Using a pickaxe from the now accessible first floor, we are able to break through the wall and enter the room, where Boreo is dead in his cage.
[+] Boreos Corpse
Examining his corpse, we find a key and observe a few other things:
[+] Observations
English Translation: 'Boreo's body is emaciated, bloody and scratched. He must have harmed himself in his hunger. Furthermore the floor is covered in aspen leaves. Where might they come from?'Bild
The hunger is pretty self-explanatory as there is food all around the cage, but out of reach for anyone inside. No idea what the meaning of the aspen leaves might be though. Probably something that is impossible to understand without some previous knowlegde that we don't have...
Taking the key triggers the quest 'A Song in the Silence' and you get the objective to visit Ketaron Dal'Geyss.
[+] Speculations and a small spoiler regarding the mainquest
Tbh I'm not entirely sure who Boreo actually is: the only Boreo in Enderal is "Boreo Oatbash" the third corpse of Jespar's scavenger hunt and child trafficker and murderer. On the one hand "Oatbash" is not really the name you would expect from an endralean book merchant, but on the other hand there are a few hints that indicate they might be the same person. First of all I find the scenario very reminiscent of the way the three corpses of the scavenger hunt are aligned and it would explain the laughing children around him (pretty fitting for a child abuser). I assume the character was just rewritten from a book merchant to a farmer(?) to fit the new scenario.
The fact that 'A Song in the Silence' starts when you pick up the key, is in my opinion rather a bug, as the numbering of the quests seems to have somehow changed between MQ11 and MQ13. The game probably tries to set the queststage of a quest that was replaced by 'a song in the silence' at some point.
I don't know where the key would fit, I guess it might have been for the trapdoor in the same room that leads nowhere.
Sadly I couldn't find any clue who all the other corpses in the house are or how you actually start the vision. The only trace i found is 'Jagen' on the stairs: He has the id _00E_MQ13_Victim03 and there us a cell called 'MQ13Victim03Home'. The cell only consists of a small hut where we find 'Dushak', who doesn't do anything, so it seems to be a dead end...
[+] Cell-IDs
  • MQ13VisionHome
  • MQ13BoreosHome

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Verfasst: 31.05.2018 22:04
von Mattanja
Part 5: "The Biggest Easter Egg Hunt Ever"

This post was originally for Easter Sunday which also happened to be the 1st of April, so I thought doing something about Easter Eggs and similar stuff that isn't in the game would be fitting :D

Let's begin with a skyrim reference: Somewhere in Riverville there is the hut owned by someone familiar. Even though he tried to cover up his true identity, it is possible to see through the little adjustment he made to his name:
[+] The Dowakien
His outfit is admittedly rather a deterioration, but maybe he was not allowed to import his armor to Enderal because of the embargo :dumb:
In his little house we can find some souvenirs of his homeland:
[+] souvenirs
Around his bed there are some candles arranged as if he was planning some kind of ritual and on the bed there is an arrow in a pool of blood...
[+] The bed
What that might be about? ^^

The second "Easter Egg" (if you can call it one) is found beneath the desert. What starts like a regular desert cave,
[+] cave
actually turns out to be some kind of starling garage for
[+] ...
They actually look quite good, considering that they are just assembled Dwemer-assetsBildBild
I really did not believe my eyes as I randomly stumbled upon them. I think someone might have been overdoing the steampunk elements :lol:
If the order had had such a weapon, Coarek wouldn't have stood a chance :dumb:
[+] Cell-IDs
  • FlusshaimHouseDowakiehn
  • FFUntergrund

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Verfasst: 31.05.2018 22:52
von badgesareus
Wow, I would really, really like to know what scenario SureAI had in mind with that armory! I saw a couple of interesting things in the underground cave, using tcl:

Re: Forgotten Dungeons [EN]

Verfasst: 01.06.2018 08:34
von Mattanja
Yeah there is a lot of randomly floating stuff in that cell. Apparently this dungeon as well as a few others (judging by the CellIDs) were made by a level designer, that left the project at some point. While they do look pretty cool, none of them is finished and some of them are rather messy with a lot of floating objects, as the designer seems to have just copied cells without deleting the remaining objects. What you found there is the framework of another quite big but sadly unfinished dungeon, that will be covered in a future post :D
Concerning the tanks, I think they were probably just something the designer included and the team never actually wanted them to be in the game.

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Verfasst: 05.06.2018 08:51
von Mattanja
Part 6: "The Fist From The Water"

Somewhere on Enderal in the middle of the Powder Desert, there is an isolated crater containing an apparently inhabited oasis, probably called "The Glass Fist" or the "Palm-Tree-Refuge". Around the water there are some smaller huts, mostly built on stilts and partially furnished. Everything is connected by a branched system of platforms, planks, stairs and ladders.
[+] Huts
But where does the strange name of the oasis come from? Right in its center there is a huge rock in the water, that doesn't really fit the surrounding landscape and that has a lot of crystals growing on its surface. The form could be interpreted as some kind of fist and the 'glass' is presumably caused by the crystals, so the locals probably gave it this name. On one side of the rock there is a hole that you can reach via a footbridge and that lets you see inside of the rock where some kind of small shrine was built.
[+] The Glass Fist
Besides that you can also find a tavern in the crater: "The Hollow Hand", which as you might know actually exists in the game and is situated southwest of Duneville. It is constructed slighty different though: While the barroom looks quite similar, the version in the crater has a second floor, consisting of a few bed- and livingrooms, as well as a cave connected to the barroom, that contains a huge blue crystal, a lot of candles and several passages leading into the void.
[+] The Hollow Hand
So apparently another small settlement was once meant to exist somewhere in the desert. Maybe as location for some quest, maybe a predecessor of Duneville and maybe just populated by bandits, as the Hollow Hand in the game is... At least the crater seems to be rather inhabited than deserted, even if there are no creatures besides a 'dummy', a few crabs and birds. One theory I had, is that the crater might be the result of a meteor and that the "Glass Fist" itself could be what remains of it. That would at least explain the very different stone and the crystals, even if I think you can find crystals like that in the Powder Desert.
[+] The crater from above
[+] Cell-IDs
  • FFPalmenhort
  • FFZurHohlenHand

Re: Forgotten Dungeons [EN]

Verfasst: 06.06.2018 05:49
von badgesareus
This version of The Hollow Hand is much more interesting! Thanks.

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Verfasst: 11.06.2018 06:34
von Mattanja
Part 7: "Into The Forsaken City"

Spoiler Alert for all those who haven't finished "Forgotten Homeland" in the mainquest.

As you probably know, the Star City is a huge and impressing structure. Compare it to what should have been the 'City of the Ancient Fathers' though and it suddenly seems pretty small. While you are walking through the halls and corridors searching for information about the cycle, you see very little of the actual city where the starlings would have lived. In the original city that was different:

But let's start with our arrival with the airship at one of multiple jetties of the enormous harbor.
[+] The Harbor
Coming from the harbor we can already see the mighty tower, guarding the entrance of the city: a large portal, which we enter, followed by a picturesquely overgrown passageway leading us up into the city.
[+] The Entrance
In the city itself we wade through ankle-deep water, that has spread over large parts of the city, through a small waterpipe and past some old residential houses and starling statues through the city full of greenery.
[+] The City
Bild Bild Bild Bild
Passing some kind of small park we arrive at the Nexus Dome and the enormous palace at the end of the city.
[+] The Palace
Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild
The palace is actually so huge that the game can't really cope with its size. Standing in front of the palace, we can see about half way up, the rest is not even loaded and when we look to the left and right we can hardly see the end as well.
[+] A few screenshots to showcase the size
Looking down from the top: Bild Bild Bild
So why was this huge city replaced? Well it was probably a little too amibitious: The performance in the whole city is most of the time horrible (especially the palace kills the framerate^^) and that's without the LOD being loaded. Maybe it was rather a design choice or the effort for optimization would have been too big...
[+] Cell-IDs
The city is not located in a cell but in a worldspace, you can still reach it though by using the following IDs:
  • AStar
  • AStarPlace
  • StarPier