Why not Enderal with Skyrim-SE?

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wy can't i play enderal when i only own skyrim spesial edition?
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SkyrimSE has a different engine (64bit), also some things are used differently.
In addition, SKSE for SE is a different version than the one used by Enderal (and much more).
This would cause game problems when using Enderal with Skyrim Special Edition.
When Enderal was developed, there was no 64bit version yet, so it was created for the 32bit version.

An adaption to SE would be a lot of work, also several test runs would be necessary.
Unfortunately we simply don't have the time and the necessary people to implement this as error-free as possible.
Therefore it is only logical that Enderal on Steam is only available with the old version of Skyrim.

But the 32bit-Skyrim can still be found at Steam or various other dealers (Classic or Skyrim Legendary Edition).
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