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ingredients code - Enderal SE  [solved]

Verfasst: 24.11.2021 22:37
von Marzahn
Hello and welcome to my first posting

i have installed Enderal a long long time ago, now I play it since just three days ago

today i was trying a text file as batch for console command with the ingredients, but the completed list hast shown me three errors

i copied the codes from here:

with the help of the command "help" i could find out 2 of 3 correct codes, I did not want to start some editing which might not work until others tested my found codes to

Nessah's heart - code in list - 0101CAFD - code according to ingame command "help" - 0502CAFD

Wolf claws - code in list - 0102F090 - code according to ingame command "help" - 0502F090

Powdered mammoth tusk - code in list - 0006BC10 - not found with ingame command "help"

If somone could test these codes and find the code for the tusk, then the ingredients list could be updated.

Hope you guys understand that i do not want to edit something on my very first day in the forum.

Thanks for reading and for testing in advance

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Re: ingredients code - Enderal SE

Verfasst: 25.11.2021 01:24
von Stefanie
Hello Marzahn
Please be careful with console commands for Enderal!
Cheats can trigger errors that are not always immediately recognizable and then often can no longer be fixed.
Especially if they are used at the wrong time or place and affect quests, we can't give support for these bugs.
(Example "Nessah's heart" or code for Godmode; quest progress...)

The wiki still contains some entries from the first version of Enderal, some things have changed with the Steam version and even more with EnderalSE.
The wiki is not maintained by SureAI, but by the users.