bug following kurmai in forgotten homeland part 2

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went out of the ship. Told to follow kurmai. Dude is standing near the gates , but nothing happens.

Can i get the appropriate info for a good'ol setstage command relating this quest?
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hello venepskeuten
Solving problems with the console often only causes bigger problems (this also applies to the wrong cheat at the wrong time), which are not always immediately visible and later irreparable.
If you have used any mod's or cheats so far, which ones?

In most cases it helps with something like this to load an older saved game.

If this doesn't work, please upload your current saved game and an older savegame, e.g. just before the start of the ship here.
Savegames can be found here:
C:\Users\......\Documents\my games\Enderal Special Edition\Saves or: C:\Users\\Documents\my games\Enderal\Saves
(depending on your Enderal version).
We need the -.ess and the -.skse file with the same name, put both in a zip or rar archive (the forum does not accept *.skse files otherwise).
If possible please no autosaves or quicksaves, but a manually saved game.

I hope you don't rely only on autosaves or quicksaves, but also save frequently with different fixed savegames.
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